Role of Criminal Lawyer in Criminal Cases and Defense Proceedings

Our country has various laws and different types of lawyers as per the kind of law. Civil law and criminal law are two main categories of law in our country. Civil law includes non-criminal disputes among citizens, while criminal law deals with crimes and criminals who committed them. There are different types of lawyers for both of them. Criminal lawyers or criminal defense lawyers are those, who advocate for the people accused of criminal charges, and they make sure that basic rights and fair chance are provided to them. A criminal lawyer can either work as a public lawyer or as a private lawyer for an organization. Whatever position the lawyers choose, their main motive is to work in favor of their client while staying under the boundaries of the law. Criminal lawyers appear in court proceedings more often than other kinds of lawyers. 

About Criminal Law

Criminal law can be defined as a system of laws dealing with crime, under which the acts of law punish criminals. The criminal law ensures strict action against those found guilty in the interest of the public or the state. The acts like murder, theft, rape, assault, public property damage, etc., are included under criminal law, and their proceedings are done in the courtroom.

Work of a Criminal Lawyer

The work of criminal lawyers in Delhi cannot be defined easily as it has a broad range of work due to the wide set of criminal laws. The main work of a criminal lawyer is to keep their client’s perspective in court and ensure proper liberty to the client. Criminal lawyers prosecute or defend their clients accused of criminal charges. They also ensure fair treatment to their client. Criminal lawyers are divided into two categories: prosecuting attorneys and defense lawyers. The prosecuted attorneys, also called district attorneys, represent the government, and the defense attorneys represent the person accused of criminal charges.

Criminal Cases and Defense Proceedings

A criminal lawyer deals with different types of criminal cases and carries the defense proceedings. There are various criminal lawyers in Delhi, who work as criminal lawyers of the Supreme Court of India.

An anticipatory bail from Supreme Court can be a great relief for the person accused of criminal offenses. Anticipatory bail, also called pre-arrest bail, can be issued by the High Court and the Supreme Court. The average cost of anticipatory bail is INR 25,000-30,000, but it also depends on the type of case and the lawyer’s skills. Anticipatory bail is given if the accused cooperates with all the proceedings and comes during all the trial sessions. Anticipatory bail is usually applied by those who believe their chances of getting arrested are high and their offense is non-bailable. It is solely the decision of the court whether it wants to grant bail or not.

Pocso Act Pocso Act stands for Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, and its date of enforcement was 14th November 2012. The law focuses on safeguarding children from crimes like sexual assault, harassment, and pornography. If someone is found guilty under the Pocso Act, the minimum punishment provided is imprisonment for at least five years and a fine. There is no bail system in Pocso Act, but in some cases, like in the Pocso Act at Allahabad High Court, bail was granted by the High Court after considering the case.

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